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Special programs in Synagogue Groningen

In addition to our regular programs, Synagoge Groningen offers special educational programs on a project basis. This is often linked to a theme or a target group and we can offer such a program temporarily. We work with various partners on these programs.

- We offer some programs permanently. However, always by appointment.

- There are additional costs associated with the programs.

- Some programs can be tailored to different target groups.


Interested in a program for your class, association or family/friends outing? Please feel free to contact us!

A selection of our different programs and projects:


Synagoge Groningen developed the music education program ' Klezmerklas 2.0 ' for group 5/6. A cheerful and versatile project in which knowledge was gained about Judaism through stories and songs.


Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Passover, Purim... all Jewish holidays. In a themed tour you will discover the meaning and interpretation of these holidays. This program is offered on a permanent basis (on request).


Persecution & Freedom. Then and now.  Group 7/8 students discover the local war history through historical characters in a theater programme. The GRID-Grafisch Museum offers a creative assignment.


Synagogue Groningen developed the program for blind and visually impaired visitors'Feel the Shul'. You can touch and sometimes smell or taste many objects. With a braille book you will be guided to audio documents that explain aspects of Jewish culture in poetic form. This program has been developed in collaboration with the Eye Association.

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In the workshop'Watch your hands' (lower secondary education) the themes of identity and commemoration are focuspoints. After a tour, you will get started with a drawing assignment, in which the Jewish Monument by Edu Waskowsky and the work of the Iranian artist Hossein Tadi serve as an example. 

Terms and Conditions

- Our house rules apply.

- Please inquire about the other conditions prior to your visit, as these are different compared to our regular education programs.

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