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Visit Synagogue Groningen with your primary school

What exactly is that: 'Jewish'? Led by our guide, the students are taken on a journey of discovery through the synagogue. They learn the difference between Passover and Easter, what a day of rest is, but also how we come up with words such as 'fun' and 'luck'.

Our education program for primary education is tailored to groups 7 and 8, but a visit is also possible with younger students! As a teacher, you can discuss the learning objectives, teaching didactics and methodology by reporting this when you request a visit.


Primary education - group 7/8

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We offer an interactive program for groups 7/8, where students gain knowledge about Jewish culture and local history. The program starts with an introduction by our guide. The students then work in groups to independently complete assignments based on a viewing guide, covering various themes. You will learn about the Jewish religion, holidays and customs, Jews from Groningen in the past and present, but also about the consequences of the Second World War. Finally, there will be a talk with our guide. Based on the assignments completed, the students discuss the various themes.

Good to know:

- This program lasts approximately 75 minutes.

- It is advisable to bring a smartphone, with a QR code scanner you will have access to various videos discussed in the tour guide.

- This program is only available in Dutch. We offer a complete guided tour for English-speaking groups!


"I really enjoyed it, you could enjoy yourself a lot. There were all kinds of interactive things, which was very creative. You could also listen to stories. Good explanations and beautiful things to see. You really felt what was going on at that time. Recommended !"

                                                                 Mare, group 8 Abt Emo School

"I liked that you put yourself in a different religion for a moment."

Daniel, group 8 Abt Emo School


Terms and Conditions

- Our house rules apply.

- Prior knowledge is not required. The theme or specific needs can be coordinated prior to the visit.

- The pupils/students are supervised by at least 1 employee of the educational institution.

- We charge a fee of €75 per group (max. 30 pupils/students). This will be invoiced afterwards.

- Cancellation of a visit must be done at least 2 working days in advance.

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