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Stories about Judaism and Jews in Groningen

Did you know that Jews have been living in Groningen for more than four centuries? The exhibition introduces you to the history of the Jewish community in Groningen up to the present day. About entrepreneurs and teachers, about poor relief and superstars. You will also learn about the Jewish religion and the meaning of the holidays. And all that in the colorful shul of Groningen!

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May 24-27 | Viewing days + Auction Gallery Richard ter Borg

Before an auction on Thursday, May 30, a varied range of art can again be viewed in Synagoge Groningen.

Free admission | Opening hours to follow!


June 1 | 11am-4pm | Excursion | Memorial Esterwegen

The Kulturagentur of the Ostfriesische Landschaft, together with Synagogue Groningen, offers an excursion to Gedenkstätte Esterwegen. One of the first concentration camps during the National Socialist regime was located here. 

Participation is free | registration is necessary.

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June 1 | 4.30 pm | film & debate | Jacob Israël de Haan, A Dutch Lawrence of Arabia?

LOCATION: Forum Groningen, Nieuwe Markt 1, Newsroom

This lecture begins with the projection of two silent short documentaries (selections) of Jerusalem in 1913 and the 1920s and 1940s and an introduction to Jerusalem in the early years of the 20th century. The discussion continues with a short presentation of the book Jacob Israël de Haan in the Palestinian labyrinth 1919-1924 (Ludy Giebels, Amsterdam University Press, 2024).

With Dr. Ludy Giebels (historian and author of various De Haan studies, editor of De Haan's Palestinian serials), Dr. Lucia Admiraal (Assistant Professor of RUG Middle Eastern Studies and Middle East correspondent NRC); introduction Prof. Dr. Karène Sanchez Summerer (English).

Tickets €5 via Forum Groningen!

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A Dutch Lawrence of Arabia?
Jacob Israel de Haan. A man of contradictions and controversies.

Exhibition - June 6 to October 13, 2024

Jacob Israël de Haan (1881-1924), a man with many faces and even more stories. The son of a Jewish cantor in Smilde, Drenthe, became a journalist, poet, writer and lawyer! Exactly one hundred years ago he was murdered for his sharp criticism of political Zionism. Experience the surprising, turbulent and versatile Mandatory Palestine through the eyes of Jacob Israël de Haan and the lens of his contemporary Frank Scholten. De Haan's life story is told from an artistic, historical and political perspective. Visit the exhibition and discover his fascinating life story!

This exhibition is realized in collaboration with the University of Groningen (Encouragement Fund for Public Engagement & the Department of Middle Eastern Studies).

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June 21 & June 23 | performance |
Eer De Haan

'Eer De Haan' is a music theater performance about the life and especially work of Jacob Israël de Haan. An hour of feasting on the adventures, dreams, ambitions, talents and remorse of an extremely important Dutchman. Novels, essays, hundreds of quatrains and journalistic copy form his legacy. His most famous line of poetry is carved in the gay monument in Amsterdam: Such an immeasurable desire for love.

Premiere in Synagogue Groningen:

Friday June 21 - 4:00 PM & 7:00 PM

Sunday June 23 - 2:00 PM & 5:00 PM

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June 26 | 8:00 PM | lecture | Jacob Israël de Haan and the first gay activists

Account of a difficult relationship.

This evening Mattias Duyves and Maurice van Lieshout will give a duo lecture. Duyves will speak about Jacob Israël de Haan as the first militant gay activist in the Netherlands who underwent a complete metamorphosis in his prose and poetry between 1904 and 1924. Van Lieshout discusses how other gay activists such as Arnold Aletrino, Lucien von Römer, Jacob Schorer and Hubertus Schouten related to De Haan and vice versa and why they did not always appreciate De Haan's directness.

Free admission | synagogue open from 7.30 pm | Registration is required stating 'lecture 26-06' via


September 21 | 19.00-01.00 | Groningen Museum Night

SAVE THE DATE! On Saturday, September 21, 2024, the museums in the city of Groningen will open their doors for a vibrant evening full of art, culture and fun. Until after midnight, visitors can enjoy the cultural offerings of GRID Graphic Museum, Groninger Museum, Museum aan de A, Noorderlicht, Forum Groningen, Synagogue Groningen and University Museum. During Museum Night, enjoy not only exhibitions and presentations, but also lots of music, workshops, lectures, dance and poetry.


We will publish the full program at the beginning of August!


September 29 | concert | Klezmer&Co.


This afternoon the Groningen band Klezmer&Co. their latest program in Synagogue Groningen.

More info to follow!

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