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Visit Synagogue Groningen with your students!

Knowledge of another culture helps to better understand our society, our past and our present. For many years, Synagogue Groningen receives students from teacher training courses, history students and Middle Eastern studies, but also students from practical training courses for healthcare and uniform professions visit Synagogue Groningen. The great variety shows that there is always a good reason to visit us with your students.


(Young) Adult education
Practical / College / University

Many people have heard about Jews or Judaism. But what was it like again? At Synagoge Groningen we can also offer an appealing program for young people in which we discuss philosophy of life, local history and cultural expressions. Of course, as a teacher you can also coordinate the learning objectives or a theme in advance.

Terms and Conditions

- Our house rules apply.

- Prior knowledge is not required. The theme or specific needs can be coordinated prior to the visit.

- The pupils/students are supervised by at least 1 employee of the educational institution.

- We charge a fee of €75 per group (max. 30 pupils/students). This will be invoiced afterwards.

- Cancellation of a visit must be done at least 2 working days in advance.

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