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Discover Synagogue Groningen with Bertien Minco

In the audio tour, Bertien Minco takes you on a journey along the moments in her family history in the synagogue and the Jewish community in Groningen. Bertien was born in Groningen and grew up in the Jewish community in the 1960s. Many of her ancestors also lived and worked in the city and province of Groningen. Her parents Manuel and Stelly worked in the 1970s to restore and rededicate the synagogue. Through Bertien you will get to know the Groningen synagogue and the Jewish traditions in a very personal and accessible way!


The audio tour is offered in Dutch, English and German. You will receive the audio tour at the desk, which is included in your entrance fee. You use your own smartphone or borrow an audio device that you return after use.


The audio tour was funded thanks to a contribution from the Theme Fund Heritage Volunteers of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and the Hendrik Muller Fonds.

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Discover Synagogue Groningen with Bertien Minco

Meet different generations of Jewish Groningers in 13 audio stories, and learn about their history and culture!

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