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Niki Jacobs sings Theodorakis’ Mauthausen

The Ballad of Mauthausen is a heartwarming performance in which the famous Mauthausen song cycle by the recently deceased composer Mikis Theodorakis is central. On Sunday 3 October, Niki Jacobs will sing the Mauthausen songs in Synagogue Groningen.

The choice was made to embed the song cycle of Mikis Theodorakis and Iakovos Kambanellis in a broader story: between the great wave of Jewish migration at the end of the nineteenth century and the revival of Jewish way of life and culture in the United States. This structure makes it more than just an ode to our freedom and the performance ends exuberantly and cheerfully.

‘Niki Jacobs clear warm soprano voice disarms’. - Mischa Spel, *** NRC.
"Theodorakis" Mauthausen recreated. To achieve great beauty, you do not have to please anyone."- Ton Maas,

Niki Jacobs has been singing in Yiddish to large audiences around the world for over twenty years. She is internationally regarded as one of the best interpreters of the European Yiddish song. Its mission started more than twenty years ago from the desire to bring the Yiddish that used to be heard in our streets again in Dutch theaters and, of course, far beyond. Together with her phenomenal ensemble, she bridges the gap between the Europe of the past and the music lover of today.

Location: Synagogue Groningen, Folkingestraat 60 in Groningen

Date/time: Sunday, October 3, 4 PM (Synagogue open from 3:30 PM)

Ticket price: €18.50

Reservations/orders: stating: Synagogue Groningen

It is possible to take a walk through the former Jewish neighborhood of Groningen at 13.00 or 15.00 in advance. These tickets (€6,- p.p.) can be ordered separately via


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