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New corporate identity for Synagoge Groningen!

The new corporate identity of Synagoge Groningen is the first step in the presentation of the new style synagogue! It was created by Studio Eye Candy, who are also responsible for the graphic design of the new permanent exhibition. The striking building will soon tell the age-old story of the Jewish community in the city and province of Groningen in a contemporary and appealing way. The many presentation tools are currently being finalized. The characteristic new corporate identity has now been introduced and is visible in and around the building.

Digital Storytelling Visitors to the synagogue already see a lot of new things in the building. Almost all of the architectural adjustments could be made during the lockdown in collaboration with the owner of the building, the Oude Groninger Kerken Foundation. The occasional collective consisting of Studio Eye Candy, OpMaat3D, JZ Product & Design and Studio 212 Fahrenheit has been working on the new exhibition under the leadership of Willy van der Schuit from January 2020 on behalf of the Folkingestraat Synagogue Foundation. In recent months, touch screens have been placed throughout the building with thematic information about history, rituals and customs, but above all a lot of personal stories. Synagoge Groningen is able to tell the age-old story of Judaism in a completely contemporary way through 'digital storytelling'. By editing and coloring all the photo material, you literally come face to face with history and the environment becomes recognisable. The official opening of the new permanent exhibition will follow in September 2021.

Recognizable corporate identity All newly installed furniture has one thing in common: the bright colours. Studio Eye Candy was inspired by the original design of the synagogue from 1906. This beautiful color palette is also reflected in the new logo of Synagogue Groningen. The logo shows the character-defining front window of the building in the shape of a Mageen David (Star of David), in combination with the use of colors from the interior. This house style has been incorporated into all forms of information provision of Synagoge Groningen, both in the building and online.

Photos: showcase in the gallery, also in the recognizable colours; the flags hang outside during opening hours; for special occasions there is a rug under the bench in the shape of the logo of Synagoge Groningen.


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