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Ask the rabbi!

All you want to know about judaism.

We would like to refer to the website:

which contains the following explanation:

Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people. It is a 4000 year old monotheistic religion and is one of the oldest religious traditions still practiced today. Experiencing Judaism is a constant search for knowledge and answers and the belief in one all-encompassing God who wants man in His image to pursue a just world in which compassion and charity are central. is a non-profit initiative. It is an independent medium that focuses on broadening knowledge about Judaism by making it possible to ask a question to a rabbi in an accessible way. The website explicitly focuses on both Jews and non-Jews. Various rabbis work for the website:

Binyomin Jacobs (1949), chief rabbi of the Dutch Israelite Denomination [left]

Menno ten Brink (1958), rabbi of the Dutch Association for Progressive Judaism [center]

Nathan Lopes Cardozo (1946), rabbi


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